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Summary and purpose: is a website created for a journalistic project by four students of Danish School of Media and Journalism.

The purpose of the project was to explore the work with mobile web-app’s, learn how to build a website and how to integrate Facebook and Twitter in the process. is created for the students in Aarhus and is supposed to present them to the Friday bar events that are held every Friday on different education programs around the city. By creating an overview of the bars and events for the upcoming Friday, the students can easily plan their Friday by checking our website. There are also news, reviews, reportages and guides on the website. The app does not stand alone as we also have a Facebook-site where fans receive news and updates about the bars as well.

The website aired on November 1st 2012.  From that date on we – four students – worked with keeping it up to date, wrote reviews and news in general. In theory we want the website to go on without our help, but that will be hard. Instead we are looking to “sell” it, so that it will continue to exist. Otherwise the project ends on December 21st .

Target group:
18-30 year old students in Aarhus who are interested in socialising, partying and meeting fellow students.

Criteria for success:
1. At least 1.000 fans on Facebook and a weekly reach of 3.000.

Result: Shortly before the end of the project we had reached a total of 544 fans on Facebook (by Wednesday, December 19th). That is less than the goal we set for ourselves.
Creating a website and developing an idea/concept from scratch took more time than expected. Before the site launch on November 1st we spent a lot of time researching on bars and working on our target group analysis to help us build the website.
In order to have reached our goal of a 1.000 likes, we should have had more time to focus on spreading the message – even though we made flyers with QR-codes and had frequent contact with the chairmen of the bars.
Our goal of a 1000 likes may have been to optimistic considering how little time we had. However, we are certain that a lot more than a 1000 people know of us. In the time period 7th-16th of December we reached more than 32.000 users according to Facebook.

2. That we will come to play an important role to the Friday bars in Aarhus so that they will contact us to promote their bars.
Result: Our interaction with the chairmen of the bars has been doing better and better as the project has evolved. Many of the chairmen write to us if we have missed out on their event or if they want us to promote their Friday bar. This is one of the things that makes us think that the website is starting to have potential to “sell” or at least for someone to continue running it.

3. To create interaction with the Facebook fans.
Result:  The interaction with the users on Facebook has not been as successful as we hoped for. But looking at the individual Friday bars’ Facebook sites, our interaction with our users is no different. Apparently a Friday bar site as ours is primarily used as an information site/service to the users – which maybe explains the lack of comments on our updates/stories.
However we have discovered that people love the photo albums that we post on Facebook. They are tagging themselves and are liking the albums.

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